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More than 7 years in the industry satisfying my clients.

I’m Christian Rivera, a Weddings & Commercial Photographer based in Southern California. Pulling my stile from my Caribbean Puerto Rican heritage. In my naturally, I'm drawn to bring out the beauty in each of my weddings, product services, portraits and more using techniques learned and balanced with seven years of in-field experience.

I started at the age of 20 working as a freelance. I have elaborated projects with different modeling agencies. Participated in photo sessions for fashion designers, fitness brands, architects, chefs, graphics designers, entrepreneurs and government personnel of Puerto Rico.

My vision is to help others to grow in their business with my techniques and ability. Satisfying couples with my services and built a bond with you to never forget the beauty of photography.

After finish my years of specialization of Graphic Designing at University Interamericana of San German, Puerto Rico. I continued gaining more experience in Atlantic University (Art School) in Guaynabo Puerto Rico, studying Graphic Design concentrated in Digital Photography. During those years, I participated in different contests & exhibitions. The majority of my exhibitions took places at Atlantic University.

Adding to this, without a doubt, my career is due to the Lord. My experience has been the following: if there is no direction, and if there is no goal, nothing will be worth it. The Lord adjusted my vision and my passion for photography. This is why my commitment, is to offer you the best service of photography and becoming part of the adventure of great success.

- Years of experience

  • 2011 - The beginning of photography

  • 2012 - Stater at University Interamericana of San German (Graphic Design)

  • 2013 - I joined the Photojournalist Workshop program to hold workshops in different schools in Puerto Rico

  • 2014 - Finish my first years of university but I continued my preparation at Atlantic University (G.D concentrated in Digital Photography)

  • 2015 - At this point, I been completing over 50 weddings; 50 events for different purpose; I started doing commercial photography; I made my first exhibition

  • 2016 - I reach the top of my career because I get booked for the whole year; I made 2 more exhibition

  • 2017 - I finished Art School and I made my last exhibition. Likewise, Hurricane Maria strike Puerto Rico and my life changed…

  • 2018 - I move to Southern California to start a new journey; I collaborated with marketing agencies for ad projects; Mayor production of commercial photography


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