to the C O M M E R C I AL P H O T O G R A P H Y service



Commercial photography is a broad field of creativity to develop ideas without limits. Having objectives or purposes, the development of a series of images, whether to convey a message or sell any product, has to look good.

The secret of commercial photography is the semiotics that helps to prepare projects to be projected to a broad public. My specialization is to be able to offer you impeccable results the help any brand or business to aim their target.

Doing things well is my goal, to carry out your project in a big way is my vision.



  1. Images for your BRAND

  • Clean background to make masterpieces collection for your e-commerce site

  • Production for a big or small quantity of image

  • Magnificent photos for your website or camping for Agencies

2. Cloud Service

  • Access to your RAW files and the edited images (Google Drive)

3. Post-Production

  • I take the picture and I do the post-production of the image


Editing Process





Using models


4. Photo Sessions with your PRODUCT

  • Professional models (We can do a scouting to hire professional models depending on the project)

5. Equipment & Staff

Christian Rivera Photos

  • Equipment (We will be using tools and equipment to optimize my service to the maximum)

  • Staff (The staff of Christian Rivera is like a family. We are committed to capture, provide and offer the best service for your brand)


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