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Because I understand the importance of your event. I will give for FREE a session of Love Story for 1 hour before an agreement for your wedding. My goal is to show you the importance of my service with magnificent images. After the session, you will love my service.

Let’s do it!!!

Descriptions for the Love Story:

  1. Service: One hour

  2. Email Service: Google Drive

  3. Quantity of the images: 10 in total

  4. Editing for the images INCLUDED

  5. Location: Orange, CA, Anaheim, CA

Important: this is only for couples who already have the insured date of their wedding with an anticipation of 6 months.


Every time I visualize this beautiful image of Emmanuel & Frances, the quality of lighting and the beauty of the composition that exists between them, make me feel delighted with the love that is reflected in my frame. The combination of colors, sensuality, and love, were perfect substances to take me to take that picture.

- Love Story of Emmanuel & Frances



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