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When we talk about portraits, we talk about art. We refer to the manifestation of emotions, expressions, communicative messages that wish to have an impact on culture, on the social environment, on religion, among many other categories.

The beauty of the portraits defines the expression of reality projected by the figure of the body or face. It is a world of infinite ideas that allow dialogues to be developed to understand the human being. It is a means to make yourself known and transmit an important message.

Personally, when I work portraits, I put all my attention with determination to the personality of my model to be able to enter the depth of their soul. With this purpose, I will be able to reflect in my frame the talent of your art.

  1. Images for your PORTFOLIO

  • Beautifull images for your portfolio and gallery

  • Magnificent photos for your website

  • Clean background to make masterpieces with your personality

2. Post-Production

  • I take the picture and I do the post-production of the image

3. Cloud Service

  • Access to your RAW files and the edited images (Google Drive)

Editing Process





Corporate Portrait

4. Portrait Session for Corporate Purpose

  • Profile Image (Emphasizing elegance and professionalism, we will develop images for your profile)


5. Equipment & Staff

Christian Rivera Photos

  • Equipment (We will be using tools and equipment to optimize my service to the maximum)

  • Staff (The staff of Christian Rivera is like a family. We are committed to capture, provide and offer the best service for your brand)

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