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W e d d i n g s

1. The Hours:

Hours of covering

  • 6 hours - 8 hours - 10 Hours (You can add 1 or 2 hours extra to the services)

2. Products:


  • Crystal Cover, Linen Cover, Hard Cover, and Lay-flat Cover.

  • Size - 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, 6x6.


  • Standard, Classic, and Canvas.

  • Size - 30x20, 16x20, 11x14, 8x10

USB Drive

  • Hard Cover & Linen Cover.

  • Size - 32gb & 64gb

Photos Prints

  • Canvas Size - 36x24, 30x20, 16x20.

  • Standard Size - 16x20, 11x14, 8x10, 5x7.

Google Drive Service

  • Storage for 1 year with all your images

3. Capture all the details:

  • Photograph the bride and bridegroom while they prepare (Two hours before the ceremony)

  • Photograph the bride & the bridegroom alone

  • Photograph the bride & the bridegroom with the court

  • Photograph the bride & the bridegroom with their family’s

  • Photograph the vows

  • Photograph the Venue

  • Photograph the guests

  • Photograph the party

  • Photograph the decoration and the wedding cake

  • Photograph the launching of the garter

  • Photograph the launching of the flower 

4. Post-Production of the images



Editing includes: culling images, cropping, color correction, sharpening, contrast boosting, and changing particular images to black and white.


Packages for Weddings

Take a look of our three packages designed for your big day.

Engagement Session


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